(M14) Magic 2014 Draft Video #8

Derek Boyko (theboyks) falls into a combo deck. Well… actually it’s more of a combination of combo decks. He got so excited that he invited a friend to Skype in and play the draft with him as this experience was too good to not share. Dare you watch him act a fool?

http://www.twitch.tv/theboyks | http://twitter.com/HunkyFlunkie

About Derek Boyko (theboyks)

Recently transplanted from the middle of nowhere to Seattle, WA, Derek 'theboyks' Boyko has been playing the game straight through since right after Ice Age and has always strived to squeeze out as much fun as possible in a game over any other goal. This and his late night recordings tend to lead to some pretty boneheaded mistakes at times, but it also brings out his creative side. Often enough, the entertainment value equals it out.