Vito Gesualdi

MTGO: DraftMagic
Twitch: VitoZone
Vito Gesualdi is the founder of, and has served as the Editor-in-Chief since the site’s inception in March of 2010. In addition to keeping the site running, Gesualdi himself records MTGO draft videos under the handle ‘DraftMagic’ – helping keep site visitors entertained with his lack of common decorum and frequent play mistakes. His hobbies include writing, comedy and graphic design. Check out his standup at and his in-progress novel at Follow on twitter @VitoGesualdi

Marlon Egolf
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MTGO: merl2perl
Twitch: MarlonEgolf’s resident bad boy, Marlon is known for smashing through his opponents while talking smack with that trademark Boston accent. Though he’s been away for awhile (due to a lack of love for Theros), he’ll be continuing to provide his beloved draft videos on a semi-regular basis!

Josh Frankel
MTGO: solebush1
Twitch: solebush1
Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Josh started playing Magic with Revised. After taking a long break during Fallen Empires, he started playing online during Onslaught block and has been pretty much addicted ever since. As a recently married graduate student (M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering) he still manages to find a stupid amount of time between tending to his wife and hammering out his thesis to spend drafting online as solebush1 (say hi!).

Derek Boyko
MTGO: theboyks
Twitch: theboyks

Recently transplanted from the middle of nowhere to Seattle, WA, Derek ‘theboyks’ Boyko has been playing the game straight through since Ice Age and has always strived to squeeze out as much fun as possible in a game over any other goal. This and his late night recordings tend to lead to some pretty boneheaded mistakes at times, but it also brings out his creative side. Catch him on Twitter @HunkyFlunkie.

Nolyn Falcon

MTGO: Bettorup
Twitch: Bettorup
If there were one word to describe Nolyn Falcon, it would have to be “Strategerist”, and that isn’t even a real word. A native resident of Bismarck, ND, Nolyn has devoted most of his life to playing music and games of skill. In the gaming realm, he has defeated multiple, deep fields of opponents in both live and online poker tournaments, won the 2010 ND state chess championship, and occasionally wins at Settlers of Catan. According to his words, Nolyn apparently “Really sucks at Apples to Apples”. He arrived late to the MTG scene, when a couple of buddies finally introduced him to the game in 2003. Since then, he’s been in and out of MTG until recently, when he finally succumbed to the black hole that is MTGO. You can find Nolyn playing magic and other games online under the handle “Bettorup”.

Kyle Ott

Kyle has been playing magic since he could figure out how to read English. A constant fixture at local tournaments, he is constantly looking for the best way to get the most value out of his pack. Kyle is currently writing for and is incredibly excited to work with When not writing or playing the game he loves he works at and attends school at Mount St. Mary’s University.

Justin Griffin

MTGO: VisionEver
Justin is a long time MtG player who started back in Unlimited, took a long break after 7th edition only to start playing again during Zendikar. He works as an analyst for one of the California State University campuses, and also enjoys reading a ton of sci-fi.
All time favorite card: Time Spiral.
Area of Expertise: Eternal Formats & Card Value Speculation

Pierre Liebsch

MTGO: Alakai
Twitch: PierreLiebsch_MtG
Pierre started playing competetive MtG with Vintage and quickly became a local powerhouse. Shifting over to more Limited and deckbuilding for GP players, Pierre has been creating draft videos for over a year and adds an international atmosphere to He excels in a very high production standard and a unique (German accented) point of view.

Michael Aust

MTGO: schlocknock

Twitch: schlocknock
Michael learned what the card types were and how to tap mana when he was about 8 (a little while ago). He actually started playing seriously during the Summer of M12. His modus operandi is “greed is good”, and when drafting he tries to be as ridiculously greedy as possible. He likes to think he’s not half bad at Magic, but he’s been wrong before.

Ben Barrett & Kevin Pass

MTGO: ChaosSmurf
Twitch: ChaosSmurf
In late 2013 a horrific accident created the world’s most mediocre streaming hydra in Ben and Kevin.

Thrill! As they make average plays.
Laugh! As Ben F6s through his own turn.
Enjoy! As Kevin hints at the worthlessness of such cards as Genesis, Reanimate and Mox Diamond. Then…
Marvel! As they win anyway due to the world’s most effective luck-engine – the KPassinator.

May also include copious amounts of the following: swearing, tea, misplays.

Dustin Leimgruber

Twitch: PastorDustin
Pastor Dustin has been playing Magic on and off since Revised, usually waiting for the good sets to come along just after he drops out for a few years. He is an actual pastor (hence the name) of a small town church in Ohio, which means there is not a large gaming community. This is what led him to take the plunge to get into Magic the Gathering Online and put up videos for a site he had been lurking at for a long time. Outside of Magic, he enjoys living in the land of perpetual winter, nerdy board games like Settlers of Catan, being a family man with his wife, 2 kids, and a dog (white picket fence pending), and working alongside the members of his congregation at the last church in the world you would ever imagine having a larger online than in person attendance. Feel free to talk with him in the comments section, friend him on Facebook, and/or like his Youtube channel.

Geo Thornton

MTGO: GeoThornton
Twitch: Geo_Thornton
This is Geo Thornton. He is a professional graphic designer and a grinder of Midwest US Magic: the Gathering circuits. Fear him.

Travis Sowers

MTGO: Semulin
Twitch: Semulin
Travis started playing Magic during Revised and promptly traded away all his Swords to Plowshares for Shivan Dragons. After a long break from the game, he returned during Scars block and learned how to draft watching videos right here on DraftMagic! Often entertaining, and always a good sport, Travis is constantly looking to learn and become a better player.

Benny Francis
Benny Francis, east coast Canada born and bred, is relatively new to the drafting scene, having only started taking Magic ‘seriously’ during Innistrad block. Often joined by his comrade, Bruce (and arguably the better player), the two hope to bring quality content and strategy ‘advice’.

Joseph Scalise

MTGO: jscaliseok
When he’s not working on screenplays or trying to log some more time at the gym, Joseph Scalise spends his time slinging cardboard (or digital cardboard) every chance he gets. More often than not that cardboard is some form of white weenie, but sometimes it’s other types of aggro as well. While he does spend a chunk of his time reluctantly playing limited formats, Joseph dedicates most of his playing time to standard, as it is the best format hands down…Period. He also dapples in legacy and has spent way too many hours trying to find a creative/fun deck to play in Modern. However, whether it is cracking packs or rolling for first, as long as it’s magic, Joseph is happy. He’s been attacking with creatures since his first kithkin deck, and that is something that he will never stop doing, no matter what the format, the cards, or the “best deck”. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to play aggro.

Kyle Hannon

MTGO: SevenleXCore
Kyle is a 24 year old competitively casual magic player out of Massachusetts who is looking to make the jump to casually competitive! He has been playing since Shards of Alara block and with mixed results have been slaying drafts and standard with budget builds! Come with him on his journey towards varied success and hilarity. @LordOfEtherium

Stephen Muddiman

MTGO: Astray_penguin
Twitch: Paperdinosaur

Stephen is a jolly ol’ chap from the sunny land of Englandland. Having discovered the game during Shadowmoor block, he quickly came to love Limited and would later turn to EDH to finally justify playing his 6 card Raging Goblin infinite life gain combos. Often found wandering, Stephen enjoys being part of the Magic streaming community and hopes to wrangle some of them into doing draft videos with him. @MTG_Paperdino


MTGO: AaronRighter
Twitch: IndieLove /AaronPlaysGames
A grumpy old man from South Jersey, Aaron Righter has been gaming since the beginning of time. Frustrated with the way Magic was going after the release of Homelands, Aaron quit Magic to devote time to playing every other game in existence. However a Magic playing girlfriend sucked him back into the world of turning cardboard sideways and with the state of the game much improved since the olden days Aaron has been throwing himself into re-learning how to be a planeswalker by exclusively playing draft and sealed events.

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